Making code out of coffee

Welcome to my story making Games!

Hi! I’m Carlo, a gameplay programmer and designer who started at the Halo  modding scene at 13; computer science background aswell. I’ve been developing gameplay systems for 6+ years by now, so being fast at prototyping and iteration has become my core skill. Wide experience on game projects and genres, having 2 games on steam. My tools of choice are c++(ue), gml, c#, lua, python(godot), haxe(Heaps).

My passion is to put in collaborative work, my tech and design skills to give my best for the projects I work on be successful.

I do remote work, but I’m willing and able to move for the right opportunity.

As for genre preferences, I’ve a story with souls-like ruthless hack n slash combat and UI heavy games. That said, I’m not shy of going outside to get experimental.